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Bad Breath and Kids

Kids are smelly and stinky half the time.  When they play outside, during the summer months, it's just a given!  But continually having bad breath.......there may be a problem!  The most common reasons for bad breath in kids are poor oral hygiene, dry mouth, and sleeping with their mouth open!  However, there are a few other things to consider especially if you can rule those three out!  Here are a couple more things that can cause any child to have bad breath. 

  1. Bacteria on the Tongue   Most odor causing bacteria lives on the tongue.  If the tongue doesn’t get brushed bacteria will accumulate and cause bad breath.  AZ 85254 Best Child Dentist Scottsdale
  2. Infections In The Mouth   If there are cavities, plaque buildup, mouth sores, or recent oral surgery, expect some bad breath.
  3. Foreign Object   Babies and Toddlers love to place things in their mouth (small toys, food, etc)……but even more, they love to put things in their NOSE!  If this happens, any foreign object in the nose cause lead to bad breath in children. 
  4. Certain Foods   If your kids like to eat foods that have a strong odor like garlic, or certain spices, it will make the breath smell and not be fresh. 
  5. Medications   The body breaks down medications differently, so if your body breaks it down a certain way, it can lead to bad breath.  This process releases chemicals, resulting in bad breath.
  6. An Illness or Condition   Allergies, sinus infections, tonsillitis or other conditions can lead to bad breath.  AZ 85254 Best Child Dentist Scottsdale

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