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Bad Breath in Children

Halitosis, or the common name, bad breath, is a condition that even the most healthiest kid can experience.  If you have noticed that your little one’s breath is kinda stinky and not pleasant, don’t worry!  There is hope!  When it comes to bad breath and kids, most of the time it is improper oral hygiene. 

What causes bad breath?  There are lots of factors that contribute, but here are the three most common reasons:

  1.  Poor Oral Hygiene  If your kid doesn’t brush or floss very often, bad breath is gonna happen.  The plaque needs to be brushed away or it will irritate the gums, and this will cause even more issues.  The tongue also can harbor bacteria that will produce a horrible foul odor and bad breath. Make sure they are brushing the tongue, too! 
  2. Dry Mouth   Saliva is needed to help cleanse the mouth.  When a child is producing less saliva, this can contribute to bad breath.  Dry Mouth culprit is usually medications, so make sure to check that first. 
  3. Mouth Breathing   When anyone breathes through their mouth (stuffy nose or sleep habit) it prevents saliva from washing away the bacteria in the mouth. The bacteria promotes bad breath. Arizona 85254 Best Child Dentist Scottsdale

If you suspect any of these things, make sure to speak to your dentist for advice or tips in helping to reduce bad breath.  If the culprit is poor oral hygiene, your child needs to learn and practice the proper way in order to keep their teeth healthy for years to come!Arizona 85254 Best Child Dentist Scottsdale


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