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Dental Anxiety Scottsdale AZ

Dental Anxiety


Which is it for you?  Calm before the dental visit or a little nervous?  When you are nervous, does the worrying start days or weeks before the appointment?  Are you someone who is actually terrified about dental treatments and just seem to worry all the time?  Often times the things that are supposed to make a person feel more comfortable about a dental visit, end up causing even more anxiety.  Anxiety often appears when a person feels out of control---so anti-anxiety meds, nitrous oxide or local anesthesia can do just that.  Whatever end of the spectrum you fall on, it might be helpful to you that you are not alone!


Experiencing a little or even a lot of nervousness about dental visits is common.  There are some surveys that report up to 75% of people that are surveyed have a little fear about dental visits.  Ten to fifteen percent of those people have a great deal of fear, so much so, that it prevents them from having any dental treatment.  Frequent dreams about dental treatments, eating only soft foods because they are afraid of chipping a tooth are just some examples of true dental fear that plaques people.  These people will put off dental treatments and suffer for years with toothaches, infections and poor dental appearance. 


Dental fear can result in stress and avoidance of dental care but it also can have even wider reaching consequences.  For some it affects their whole identity and self-worth.  They can see others who don’t have the same reactions as them and start to feel that something is truly wrong with them as a person.  When an oral condition goes untreated, it can result in even worse general health complications. Dental Anxiety Scottsdale AZ


In the end, it is in EVERYONE’S interest to find ways to overcome any dental fear and make dental treatments a calm and safe experience. Dental Anxiety Scottsdale AZ


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