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Gum Disease

It may surprise you to learn that many Americans have gum disease.  Up to 8 out of 10 people have some symptoms of gum disease! Gum disease in its earliest stages is often overlooked or most often not recognized by you. Once the gum disease has progressed, it can cause many problems, such as your teeth becoming loose or even you losing some or all of your teeth!   Since ORAL HEALTH IS THE GATEWAY TO OVERALL HEALTH, gum disease (referred to as PERIODONTAL DISEASE) is very serious. Landmark Smiles of Scottsdale's caring, well-trained team are committed to giving you the very best gum disease treatment available.  While many cases of Periodontal Disease can be treated through frequent, consistant maintenance with our highly trained dental hygienist, sometimes Landmark Smiles of Scottsdale will refer their patients to a Periodontist for more extensive and aggressive periodontal treatment.  Landmark Smiles of Scottsdale and the select few professionals we works with for periodontal treatment provide excellent state-of-the-art treatment for gum disease and can help you avoid serious damage to your smile.

At Landmark Smiles of Scottsdale, we provide several services that can help with gum disease, including:

  • Scaling and root-planing therapy   |   Landmark Smiles of Scottsdale's hygienist uses either a hand held tool or a specialized machine to scrape off plaque. Plaque indicates the possibility of gum disease. Scaling and root-planing therapy are also referred to as deep cleaning. Using specialized tools for this treatment can often mean less discomfort.
  • Antibiotic therapy   |   Gum disease occurs because your mouth has bacteria in it. When necessary, we will offer you antibiotics to control the bacteria in your mouth.
  • Injectable therapy  |   Often, tiny injections of medication placed in the gum tissue itself can eliminate or reduce the size of the periodontal pockets, thereby reducing the incidence of periodontal disease.
  • Prescription oral medications  | Because proper oral hygiene can be an ongoing battle, Landmark Smiles of Scottsdale offers excellent “weapons” against oral bacteria, a leading aggravator to periodontal disease.  Aggressive treatment combined with a daily maintenance program has proven to be exceptionally effective in healing or improving periodontal disease.  After we have performed scaling and root-planing, we will give you a specific oral hygiene maintenance plan utilizing at least one of several options currently available by prescription. Landmark Smiles of Scottsdale will determine which oral application will work most effectively for your specific needs.  They will create a solution just for you that keeps your mouth clean, fresh and bacteria free. This system provides you with the easiest, least invasive yet effective method to treat gum disease! Our patients rave about how clean their mouths feel every single day and they love that their teeth are often whiter and their breath fresher!   Occasionally, a patient will not respond sufficiently to our periodontal maintenance program and we will need to enlist the help of the Periodontal Specialist.  Landmark Smiles of Scottsdale works directly with the specialist to achieve healthy oral dentition for the patient and continues to treat all of dental needs of the patient throughout the periodontal program.

During each of your dental cleaning visits, we offer a thorough dental examination with your Dentist and our dental hygienist. We start with perio charting, which is done at the dental hygiene visit within our practice. Our hygienist then educates our patients about properly caring for their teeth and oral hygiene needs.   During the examination by the doctor, proper treatment recommendations are made to control, prevent or cure any noted periodontal disease.

We want you to have the healthiest, most beautiful smile possible. The entire team at Landmark Smiles of Scottsdale is serious about providing individualized care for our patients. With an up-to-date facility and a commitment to quality dentistry by our team, we can help you avoid or control gum disease and learn how to properly and thoroughly care for your teeth. Call and schedule a consultation appointment with Landmark Smiles of Scottsdale today!

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