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Teeth Whitening

Have you seen someone walk by and all you can notice are there amazingly white teeth? You know when someone smiles so bright that you wish they’d just keep smiling? Have you wondered how you can get such a brilliant white smile?

Scottsdale-Phoenix area dentist Landmark Smiles of Scottsdale can tell you how. The answer: teeth whitening! In fact, we offers several different professional teeth whitening treatment options that can give you a smile like you wouldn’t believe!

Teeth whitening treatments are a great way to bring back the brilliance and radiance of your smile. A whiter, brighter smile is a simple treatment away, and Landmark Smiles of Scottsdale offers a few options for you to choose from to begin enjoying the benefits of teeth whitening. After you have been evaluated to determine if you are a good candidate for teeth whitening, you can discuss with Landmark Smiles of Scottsdale the treatment options that will work best for you.

  • IN OFFICE BLEACH TREATMENT | One of the best options available is the professional, in-office teeth whitening. This is a one-hour office teeth-bleaching session that allows patients to leave the office in about an hour with a whiter, brighter smile–up to six shades lighter! Patients can enjoy television, music, and a cozy blanket while sitting back for their in-office whitening session. This teeth whitening process is very simple. We prepare your gums and lips, then paint the special professional strength teeth whitening gel onto your teeth. Then, you get to relax while we wait for the bleach process to take place.  Most often, we follow with a desensitizing treatment to make certain that sensitivity is minimized for the following 24 hours.  When you are done, you can see a dramatic difference in your smile.

  • At-home Whitening | At-home whitening kits are also available through J. MICHAEL FOLEY DDS FAMILY AND COSMETIC DENTISTRY. Landmark Smiles of Scottsdale will create custom-fitted whitening trays for our patients, and will send these trays home along with concentrated, professional-strength teeth whitening gel. This tooth bleaching gel is used for a specified period of time to provide a gradual whitening solution. It can be just as effective as in-office whitening, and is better for patients that have extremely sensitive teeth.  The trays are re-usable for many years to come given proper care and cleaning.  If you decide to bleach your teeth again a year or more in the future, just ask for more bleaching material.   You will not need to incur the expense of the custom fitted bleach trays again….just the cost of the bleach itself!!

If you want to whiten your smile fast and effectively, consider teeth whitening at Landmark Smiles of Scottsdale. We offer affordable options to our patients, as well as a number of whitening solutions to choose from. Call today to schedule a teeth-whitening consultation for you, and treat yourself to a gorgeous, brilliantly white smile!

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