October 9, 2018

Our dental staff focuses on providing patients with the highest quality of care, and we are always looking for effective ways of keeping smiles healthy and free of decay. Fluoride treatments have proven to be very beneficial in protecting smiles of people of all ages. Landmark Smiles offers several different services, including topical fluoride treatments. Continue reading on to learn nine things you need to know about topical fluoride treatments.

  • FLUORIDE IS A NATURAL MINERAL. Fluoride is naturally found in rocks, soil, and most bodies of water. Many communities have fluoride in their water, while others do not.
  • PROFESSIONAL FLUORIDE TREATMENTS ARE WORTH THE COST. Investing in a fluoride treatment for your smile help to lower the risk of tooth decay and cavities. This, in turn, reduces the time and money spent on future procedures.
  • FLUORIDE FIGHTS CAVITIES BY STRENGTHENING ENAMEL. Demineralization is the process of acids weakening the enamel. Fluoride quickens up the mineralization process and protects teeth.
  • FLUORIDE TREATMENTS ARE NOT JUST FOR KIDS. Any individuals who suffer from a high risk of dental cavities could benefit from fluoride treatments.
  • PROFESSIONAL FLUORIDE TREATMENTS CAN REVERSE SMALL CAVITIES. Early cavities can be stopped in their tracks with the help of professional fluoride treatments.
  • PROFESSIONAL FLUORIDE TREATMENTS ARE SAFE. Our clinic offers prescription strength fluoride treatments that are safe for use in children and adults.
  • PROFESSIONAL FLUORIDE TREATMENTS DO NOT STAIN TEETH. Fluorosis happens when there is too much fluoride and leads to stains. This only occurs prior to the teeth forming.
  • PROFESSIONAL FLUORIDE TREATMENTS DO NOT HURT. The treatments offered at our clinic are pain-free and only take up to two minutes.
  • YOU CAN EAT AND DRINK AFTER A FLUORIDE VARNISH TREATMENT. Fluoride varnishes stick to the tooth for several hours, and you are allowed to eat and drink immediately after the treatment.

If you are interested in learning more about professional topical fluoride treatments, then contact our Landmark Smiles clinic to set up your next dental exam and cleaning with a member of our staff today.

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