Pediatric Dental Appointments - What You Should Know; What You Shouldn't Worry About

When should your child visit a dentist?

As a dental office our goal is to be at the center of the dental health community, so it concerns us when we hear horror stories about our young people and poor dental health.

The latest figures on tooth decay in our children are very worrying. Statistics show that nearly 10 children in your child’s elementary class could already have developed problem teeth.  The most extreme cases of tooth decay at a young age, are seen when children need to have all of their baby teeth removed by a dentist.  Even more rare are cases where older children have suffered decay of adult teeth and needed to have them removed.

The good news is that it is easy to prevent problems in the teeth of our children.  This means that, although the statistics presented are scary, the means of avoiding becoming a statistic are not difficult if you maintain your dental checkups.

Some preventative advice first

Before your child’s appointment with your Landmark Smiles of Scottsdale Arizona pediatric dentist, you need to start by getting them into good habits from the moment they have teeth.  This is probably all advice that you have heard before – but it is worth repeating:

-          show them how to brush in circles in both their front and back of their teeth, pushing dirt up and off the teeth – brushing your teeth at the same time as a young child is a great way to act as a role-model and will show them how to do it properly!

-          encourage them to brush their teeth for two minutes, twice a day – maybe set a clock or put on a song to brush to that is two minutes long.  It is always great to dance and brush!

-          cut down on sugary treats – especially sugary drinks.  It is great to give our children something that they will love – but, in small amounts, and encourage them to brush afterwards.

-          encourage a balanced diet – calcium is important for strong, well developed teeth – but, an overall healthy body will lead to a wonderfully healthy smile.

-          praise them for the effort that they put into their smile, and tell them how wonderful their teeth look!

If you start these habits with your toddler, as they grow up, they will see it as an essential part of their day and their routine.

Your child and the dentist

So, when would we like to see your little person and their teeth?  Well, it is likely a lot earlier than you think.  Most parents begin bringing their children to us when they start school.  The best dentist in Scottsdale, Arizona, Dr. Huntsman, will tell you that this is about two years too late.  If your child has started to transition to a cup and is snacking on solids, then they should be coming to see us at our Scottsdale dental office.  This means most young people should come see us well before their second birthday, which is surprising to most parents.

Are you worried that this is too young to be seen by the dentist? Are you concerned that they would never sit still for the exam?

Well, young children are resilient and follow their parents’ lead.  So, if you walk into our Scottsdale dental office happy and carefree, this is how your little person will view the experience, too.  It is much harder once the child is in pain, or if the child has started to hear stories about the dentist.  This means if you start younger it is actually easier to get child to like coming to see us – well – at least not worry about coming to see us, at least. Read more about our new patient experience here.

Don’t worry about them sitting still, either.  At your Scottsdale premier dental office, Landmark Smiles, we can work successfully to get the full exam completed in a short time.  We won’t be taking x-rays, which require the child to sit really still, until your child is between the age of 4 and 6.

There is no need to be worried

We are always worried when horror stories hit the news about the health of our children’s teeth. We take the smiles of our children that visit us at Landmark Smiles very seriously.

However, by coming to see us early, we can prevent most of the problems that children might face as they grow older.  We can help them feel relaxed in our comfortable rooms.  We can use resin if necessary to protect molar prone teeth.  We can also help with orthodontics if teeth come through crooked. 

The regular 6 to 12 month check-up from this early age is the only intervention needed to prevent lifelong problems with teeth. Schedule with the premier staff at Landmark Smiles of Scottsdale, Arizona today to get your child’s teeth shining bright and staying health!

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