Suffer From TMJ? Put a Cork In It!

Suffer From TMJ? Put a Cork In It!

December 21, 2018

Do you frequently experience jaw pain or even lockjaw? Have you damaged your teeth due to unconscious clenching and grinding? Wish there was a way to address your TMJ symptoms? At Landmark Smiles, we are proud to offer Scottsdale TMJ treatment for those interested in reducing the symptoms of their condition. Along with professional TMJ treatment near you, there are some exercises you can also do at home to reduce your discomfort. Today, we’re discussing how to put a cork in your TMJ symptoms, we hope you learn something new and can experience some relief.

  • Find yourself a cork, a cork from a wine bottle works perfectly!

  • Place the cork between the front teeth and bite down, make sure you do not overstretch your jaw to place the cork. A death grip is not needed, simply bite enough to hold it in place.

  • If you have someone else with you, have them also do the same, it can make the exercise more fun and go by quicker.

  • Next, with the cork between your front teeth, sing, laugh, talk and make some noise. The goal is to move the jaw around while biting down on the cork. Having a friend with you may make this part a bit less awkward.

  • After about 5-10 minutes of your vocalization, remove the cork from your mouth.

  • Using both hands, put the pads of your 2nd, 3rd and 4th fingers on the mandible (slightly under the earlobe), opening your mouth a bit to make sure you can feel the joint moving.

  • Next, gently massage the area in small circular motions, about the size of a quarter.

In the event that the above exercise does not help to reduce your discomfort, feel free to schedule an appointment for TMJ treatment in Scottsdale.

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